Scott named Circuit Court Judge

On December 16th, Scott Sirk was sworn in to finish Judge Richard Culver’s term on the bench of the Circuit Court. Governor Eric Halcomb appointed Sirk after his eight years of experience of the county’s court commissioner. This position allowed him to sit in as acting judge for many hearings, gaining the experience and knowledge to fulfill this position. His goal is to continue the legacy of former Judge Culver, while building his own path based on the ideals and ethics of his predecessor.
When asked his main priority for this term, Sirk replied “Building on the steps Judge Culver began to eradicate the heroine addiction problem in Hancock County through the Heroin Protocol Program and Drug Court.”
Sirk took the bench Monday the 18th, and will hold the position until December 31, 2018- pending his win of the election.
“[I feel] confident, comfortable and humbled as well thankful for all the support and kindness shown to me in my life and career,” Sirk said.

Additional information: Greenfield Daily Reporter.

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